Blog Awards…

I’ve been blogging for more than 18months now, but have only been with WordPress for a few months. In that short time. I have found the WordPress community fantastic (see here) and I have even received a few awards from other bloggers. It’s a lovely feeling to receive awards from other bloggers, other writers who like what you write.

I got the “Very Inspiring Blogger” award from Kelly at Free Little Words. Kelly finds love in places that I never think of…in fact she is more inspiring than me in that sense!

Thanks Kelly!!

Thanks Kelly!!

Next I received the “Liebster” award from Becky at The Dissocial Mom. Becky cracks me up with her funny-and-oh-so-true account of motherhood!

Thanks Becky!

Thanks Becky!

Lastly I got the “Versitile Blogger” award from Christie at LongLiveGo. Christie writes about her life as the mother of her little fella Hugo aka Go! Love reading this blog!!

Thanks Christie!

Thanks Christie!

Most blog awards ask you to share some info about yourself and pass the award on and get the recipient to share about themselves and so on. Sadly I would want to give these awards to all the blogs I read and I thought that might clog up cyberspace a bit too much. So…..

…I created my own award!!

M&AsWorld award

My award asks nothing of you except to take on the knowledge that I love reading your blog and go into severe melt-down when my email/WordPress reader doesn’t let me access your posts sooner-than IMMEDIATELY!!!!! Some I have followed for ages, some are fairly new to me.

So thank-you to all the blogs listed below-you get my award! I read your blogs religiously and look forward to each and EVERY installment. I’m sure there are many more that I’ve missed. Sorry, it’s purely an oversight, but if I comment on your blog it means I love it!

Have a read of these blogs and see if you love them as much as I do 🙂

Sleepless Nights


Life at no.2





Motherhood WTF?



Embracing the Insanity


LeaneCole Photography


Spilled Milk

Sarah’s Brand New Chapter

18 thoughts on “Blog Awards…

  1. I love it – thank you! 😀 I was just saying to my daughter yesterday how much I love your header and here you make an award with it!! ♥ I will definitely check out the blogs you mentioned.

    • Actually it was pure laziness! Before I got into scrapbooking I dabbled in digital scrapbooking and was going to make something with all the backgrounds I have. But then thought it’d tie into MY blog better this way and saved sooooooo much time!! Lazy :(!!!

  2. Congrats for getting all the awards, and thank you very much for nominating me! Your award looks fabulous! Looking forward to checking out the other blogs 🙂

  3. Thank you for the shout out. I love your award and the fact that you DO visit every post I write (I’m sure you leave some days scratching your head).
    Congrats also on your awards. ♥

  4. Thanks! These kinds of things are so useful for helping us add to our favourites! (Sorry for the delayed response. Somehow, we don’t get notification of the comments on the About page.)

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