I Love Thursdays…

TGIT!! (Thank God It’s Thursday)
Thursdays are my favourite day of the week, for several reasons.

1. It’s the first day of my weekend. I love working part time. I love my job. I love getting out of the house for 3 days a week. I love that the kids mingle with other kids at crΓ¨che. I love that they get to spend a day with their Nana and Grandpa. But that’s all very full on so I love that Thursday is the first day of my 4 day weekend!!

2. I get a lay-in. ***Please note: I said ‘lay-in’ not ‘sleep-in’. The other day I posted about the kids sleeping in on days we have to get up and ready early-click here for that. But the opposite happens when we get a chance to lie in! So even though they wake me up early, I keep my toasty self firmly in bed until I absolutely have to get up!

3. Mike takes Megan to kinder. 8:15am starts at kinder are a great idea in theory. But it’s an inconvenient time for days when we both have to be at work and its horribly early for days that I just want to lay in (see #2!). But it works out perfectly for hubby on his way to work. It also means he gets to be a part of Megan’s kinder experience.

4. We go to Mother’s Group. Every Thursday for nearly 5 years our Mother’s Group has met, over morning tea, lunch and now they seem to stretch from morning tea right through to afternoon tea some days! We have become such close friends that we go through withdrawals over Christmas when we miss a few weeks! It’s perfect all round. The kids play with friends they have literally grown up with, at houses they are so comfortable in. And because the kids are so engaged with their friends, we get almost uninterrupted chat time. We don’t even break to pick kids up from kinder. Someone will usually pick up extra kids (they are all at the same kinder) and bring them all back to add to the kid chaos! Last count: we have 18 kids (not all regular) and more on the way πŸ™‚

5. I have very little housework to do. Because of #4 spreading far into the afternoon, I don’t get time for much housework (what a pity!!) So I give myself a day off πŸ™‚

6. Slow cooked dinners. Again, because of #4, I usually can’t be bothered cooking anything after a long day of talking and laughing (its exhausting!). But since we have relatively easy meals when I work, we need to have healthier meals when I’m home to cook them. Enter the SLOW COOKER. Throw meat and vegies in and leave it to cook (while I talk and laugh all day) and come home to something that looks like I slaved over for hours! Win-Win!!

Yep, Thursdays are pretty awesome! Hope your Thursday will be as good as mine!


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