What is the truth?

I have often had discussions with kids at school about honesty and being honest (usually when one or more of them are being DIS-honest!) They generally come up with the satisfactory definition of “telling the truth”. Thankfully their parents have gone through the process of explaining what the truth is. But what happens when you […]

3 definitions of sick

Doing anything when you are sick is hard. Looking after a family when you are sick is harder. Looking after sick kids when you are sick is the hardest. (Childbirth fits in there somewhere but I’m too sick to care where!) Alex came into our room the other monring saying “sick, sick” and boy was he […]


We visited Dorothy the Dinosaur’s Travelling Show today. It appears that Megan shows her excitement the same was I did as a kid….talking the whole way in the car! She was so cute, making up her own songs in the back with the same word popping up over and over…Dorothy 🙂 She danced and boogied […]

Frequent Flyer kids…

I was chatting with a friend the other day about how kids these days are so privelleged. Mobile phones, Nintendo DS’s, Tv’s in their bedroom, the works. She brought up that her daughter is not yet 3 and has been overseas twice! My first time overseas (and even on a plane for that matter) was […]


I used to hate my freckles. I don’t remember being teased about them, but I hated them just the same. They had all the cute names possible, like sun kisses, or love spots, but they were just freckles. Which is why it surprised me a little when I was excited that Megan has a few freckles […]