100 Happy Days…

There’s a lot in life to be thankful for. Many things to be happy about. But often I get stuck in a negative mindset that just leads to more negativity. I grumble at hubby and the kids, about work and finding time to do this and that. 

So when the ‘100 happy days‘ challenge came across my Facebook newsfeed, I made a decision to sign up and start looking for positivity that I can document. Any small or large thing or person or event that made me happy for a day or an hour or even just for a moment gets the recognition it deserves. 


Lare afternoon strolls with my girl


Getting organised and making a start on our cruise album


So far, it’s been easy to find something to be happy about (getting the perfect composition of a photo that is Instagram worthy has been harder 😝) Being on long service leave means I have time to myself. Time to stare out the window and appreciate the sun shining through autumn leaves or quiet of an empty house. I hope once I’m back at work next week I’ll be in a good habit and I can still appreciate those little things and find the time to acknowledge and document them. 


Sosny things anout this makes me happy…motivation to improve myself, finances to be able to afford the gym, and long service leave to be able to attend my favourite class that is only held during work hours

I’m keeping track of my happiness on Instagram with the hashtags #thehappybrits and #100happydays but I’ll also post them here. 

So what about you? Can you be happy for 100 days in a row? Give it a go…you might surprise yourself!


Tell me your thoughts... Go on, really, please tell me!

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