Pictures of you…

We don’t have art on our walls in our home (kids art excepted), we have photos. And apart from one beautiful Australian landscape print, they are all photos of us. AND… Apart from our wedding photos, they are all photos taken by me!

I’m not saying I’m talented in taking photos at all, rather that I like my pictures enough to display them (plus we usually can’t afford a proper photographer)!!

But I’m thinking its time for an update. Time for some new pictures to gjuzz up the rooms. Trouble is there are just so many to replace!

There are two in our meals area that will never change. They are large photos of the kids when they were both about 6months old and I really love them. I thought they could be the static pics, the ones that will always remain to remind us of how cute and innocent the kids once were.

Below is the wall of photos I’m going to change.


Some of these show the kids when they were only 1yr old, so they are definitely in need to changing. It’s bittersweet though, coz they are pictures that I really love (hence being displayed) so it’s also sad to see them go.

I also want a new family photo to replace these ones I took last year. Megan’s kinder is having a fundraiser where we receive a family portrait sitting and one free print for $15…bargain!! Hopefully something nice comes out of it and it can make it to the photo walls.

Of course if that doesn’t work out, the wonderful Leanne at LeanneColePhotography has given me a few tips to get the most out of my good camera. I’ve had a bit of a play today, renewing my love of my Fuji camera and leaving my iPhone alone 🙂

Fingers crossed I don’t get frustrated with EVERYTHING and just leave things as they are!!

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