After battling her son and his obsession with electronic devices and games, a friend recently threw out a comment that got her son worrying…

“You’ll get game-itis if you keep playing that iPad!”

She told him it affects his eyes and means he can’t play on any device for a week until it clears up. Rushing off to look at his eyes and see if he really had contracted game-itis, the little gamer has now severely reduced his amount of screen time. We giggled about his concern and how just the suggestion of an illness had worked for him.

I told Megan and Alex about game-itis and told them of how they can keep it at bay! We told the kids that for every hour of game time, they needed to compensate with an hour of outside time. Both kids avoid playing outside, and almost never go outside alone. But as an incentive to iPad time….perhaps things would be different.

Even of horribly cold days like today, when it would be easy for the kids to stay warm inside with a device, we sent the kids outdoors, rugged up, to play! And they happily did.


Don’t be fooled by that sunshine…it was bitterly cold today!

I was surprised that they didn’t argue when told they needed to even up the device time/outside time scale. Normally, when asked to spend time outside, the kids would fight tooth and nail against it. But perhaps because it only needed to be in small amounts of time, they are more willing to venture out.

Though I would love to throw in some ‘book time‘ to the mix, I think giving the kids’ eyes a break from up-close focussing and getting their bodies moving is most important for now.

Time will tell if this works!

What’s that mean…?

Though tiring when the kids were little, their endless questions make my heart swell. These little questioning minds are in good stead to serve them well in the future. 

Asking “why” or “how” deepens children’s general knowledge. It opens discussions about what they notice and helps them to make sense of the world around them. Although it can be the last thing I feel like doing, I try to be honest and direct with my answers to their questions. And the ease of the Internet and Google Image make things so much quicker when difficult questions come my way! 

Megan and Alex constantly ask “what does xxx word mean?” And I try to give as close an explanation as a can, without dumbing things down. Explaining the meaning of a word expands vocabulary which children can then use in their conversations, their reading and writing. We often get comments on the ‘big words’ that our kids use, and use appropriately. 

However, their reading ability is where I have seen the biggest benefit of all those questions. If readers can make connections with what they read to their prior knowledge and extensive vocabulary, they develop a deeper understanding of what they have read.  And that’s the whole point of reading, isn’t it? To be able to understand?

The Tooth Fairy is Missing!!

Call out the search party!

Yesterday Megan lost another tooth, and we got everything ready for the tooth fairy’s visit during the night…only she didn’t come!

When Megan told me of this fact this morning, I was horrified. Then we brainstormed all of the reasons why she might be MIA!

  • She went to Nana’s house because Alex is having a sleepover there and perhaps she assumed Megan was too.
  • She went to gymnastics because that’s where the tooth fell out.
  • She got lost.
  • She lost her glasses and so she read the map wrong.
  • She had the map upside down.
  • It was raining and she got wet, and we all know fairies can’t fly when their wings are wet!
  • She had a sore wing and she had to walk here.
  • She got chased by an animal.
  • She had an English coin instead of Australian currency, and so she had to return that coin to England and it takes a long time to get back to Australia.
  • She dropped the coin and had to look for it.

I’m sure the tooth fairy arrives soon. I wonder what kept her?

Well, what do you know??? Shes been!

Well, what do you know??? Shes been!


The Latest Layouts…

As usual, these holidays have seen me finish some scrapbook layouts. I try to keep as up to date as I can, because when I fall behind, the amount of effort needed to catch up freaks me out and totally puts me off even beginning!

This time of year, the pages are of Megan’s birthday. I needed to do two double page spreads, one for her day of special activities on her actual birthday and one for Megan’s gymnastic party. 

I tried to use a new bunting punch, but it wasn’t as easy to use as I had hoped. Lots of broken pieces 😤😤😤😤

I’ve used a new app called ‘Blur It’ to blur out the faces of other people in these photos to post on this blog. I’m sure the families would give permission for their kids to be shown but I prefer to keep it just a ‘Megan and Alex’ zone (and saves me chasing permission!!)

The final layout is from our trip to the snow last week. It’s hard to find ideas for layouts with lots of photos. Most people seem to use just a couple of photos per page. I’m too lazy to spread the pictures out over multiple pages so I try to cram them all into one page or one double spread. This often means I need to ditch the non-essential photos. Luckily when I print the images at Kmart or Big W, they have a collage photo option which produces small 3x4inch and tiny 2x3inch pictures. 

I’m happy with the results of this holidays’ efforts and I’m thankful there are no birthdays or family trips planned between now and next school holidays. I’ll get some time off!


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