Boy Thoughts…

Alex piped up with a few questions today…

Alex: Do I have to get married?

Me: No mate, you don’t. 

The kids were chattering briefly then Alex’s questions continue. 

Alex: Can girls marry girls?

Me: Yes

Alex: Can boys marry boys?

Me: Yes (wondering how in depth this conversation was going to get!)

**Slight pause**

Alex: Can trees marry trees?

Here ends the in depth conversation!!

Until Last Week…

Alex is a healthy, fast-growing 5yr old boy who eats anything and everything…until last week! 😕😕

Until last week, I could confidently put most foods in front of the boy and he’d devour it. He had a real aversion to meat but practically all else was ‘nectar from the gods’…until last week. 

Last week he stopped eating dinner and brings most of his lunch and snacks home from school untouched. Even the good stuff is unopened! At first we growled at him for wasting food but now I’m beginning to wonder…

What’s going on??

There’s no sore throat, mouth or tummy. No change in food products.

He is tired from his first term of school, and not eating is just making him more tired and cranky. He suddenly doesn’t like things like bananas or cheese. WTF?

If there are any suggestions out there, I’d love to hear them. I was getting used to feeding the teenager trapped in his 5yr old body and I’d kind of like that boy back!!

Overcoming Frustration…

Regular readers will know that I’m a teacher, and my kids attend school where I teach. There were a few reasons for us to choose to send them to a school outside our local area. The first, and most important reason, is that my school is a fantastic school. If it wasn’t, the other reasons would be null and void!

My full time work was another reason for an out-of-zone school choice. I didn’t want the kids to be in before- and after-school-care every day of the week at a local school. Coming to school with me meant that they could hang out in my classroom before school, and again after school. They still go to after-school-care on my meeting nights, but that’s only twice a week.


That was the plan…


I know loads of people think that teachers leave school straight after the students, but we actually have quite a bit do do once the kids have left for the day. I honestly thought I’d be able to get all those jobs done while the kids entertained themselves.

I thought wrong!

Parents of school kids know just how tired and crabby they can be after of a day of concentrating and learning. Getting them to be still and quiet and not to make a mess after their long day isn’t easy! They just want time to play! But to keep my classroom in order, I’m constantly asking them to calm down, clean up, stop fighting. I get very little work done, as I’m putting out sibling spot fires, or finding things to keep them entertained. 

I’m getting very frustrated with the situation. I hate taking work home, but it’s the easiest solution lately. Be a mum until the kids are in bed and then get back into teacher mode each night. Not fun.

Booking the kids into after-school-care every day is tempting at the moment, although the cost of that makes it an unrealistic option. Plus that was a reason they didn’t go to a local school in the first place.

Now that Mike works at a school 40minutes away, getting him to pick the kids up after school won’t be much help. Asking mum and dad to pick the kids up isn’t a great idea either. They love having the kids occasionally, but getting them to collect the kids regularly is a bit of a stretch.

So this is my NEW plan…

Get Mike to pick up the kids on my meeting nights. They are already in after-school-care those nights, so it doesn’t matter if he gets to our school later. After my meeting has finished, I can spend time in my room getting all those bits and pieces done. All other nights, I need to push myself to finish up quicker so that the kids don’t get too fractious.

Well, that’s the plan anyway…

Let’s see if this one plays out how we’d like. I really hope it works, because it’s not always easy to be cheery with my own kids, after I’ve used up lots of my good cheer during the day at school! And being a cranky, grumpy mum is not what I want my kids to remember about me!


I’m going to start with a rant and end on a simple but precious moment!

Last night saw hubby and I spend a night in a city hotel, seeing a show and celebrating our wedding anniversary. The ‘just us’ time was heavenly. 

Our night coincided with Melbourne’s Moomba festival, so the city was filled with people out enjoying and celebrating. There were kids everywhere, loads of kids. And I’m sad to say that many of them were glued to electronic devices. 

Despite being in a beautiful city in lovely early autumn weather surrounded by culture and architecture, they had their heads in front of a screen! One kid even had his tablet on and up loud in the hotel elevator… He hadn’t had time to get bored yet!

Seriously parents, I know devices are great at keeping kids entertained, but allow them time to look around, experience things and be well and truly bored before you whip out that keep ‘em quiet gold. 


                 ***rant over***

We walked to the milk bar today for some milk. Alex wanted to come and he wanted to ride his scooter. I warned him that it would be a happy walk, with no tears or cries of sore legs, scooters would be ridden all the way there and back- no giving up half way. I explained the terms and conditions of the walk and it was a total success! 



Megan and I walked to the milk bar, holding hands and chatting the whole way. It was a beautiful, everyday 15 minutes with my girl! 

And it was SIMPLY perfect!


Shrove Tuesday was a few weeks ago. We certainly are not religious (though we always LOVE pancake Tuesday) but I like the idea of giving something up, as a test of will or strength.

I’ve focussed a lot on my health and fitness lately, and I’m hoping to add to that. For ‘lent’ I’ve given up alcohol. I don’t drink copious amounts, but have a glass or two of wine a few nights a week and sometimes more on the weekend. The past few weeks have been tough at work and I got into the habit of looking forward to that glass (or several) at the start of the weekend, so I wanted to see if I could break that habit. 

I’ve found the going easy so far, even going to a friends’ birthday party this weekend was simple…soft drink only. 

I’d love to say that I’ve thrown myself into exercise as an alternative stress reliever, but I’d be lying! I did a fun run last weekend (more fun than run!) and have lost all exercise mojo since then 😕.

There’s just over a month to go until Easter and the alcohol-free road ahead looks pretty good at the moment. I’ll update you in another week or so and see if I’m still so chirpy!!

(It’d be a different story if I had decided to give up bread or cheese!! 😧😧😧)


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