Our kids are 5 and 6 (almost 7) years old and are quite possibly very sheltered children. And I’m glad about it.

In today’s world of technology and instant gratification, our children have a deliberately limited experience with things…..

They have only ever watched ABCkids (ch22) on TV. Shows like Peppa Pig, Playschool, Ben & Holly, Dinosaur Train etc have been chosen by the TV station for their simple themes and I applaud them for their decisions. When the kids were younger, it was the most appropriate station for them, now it’s a choice we make to not expose them to the other channels available on free-to-air TV. While some of the programs would be great for the kids, there are many others on the same channel that are still too old for our children. I’m happy to keep them with something slightly too young than allowing something too old to negatively influence them.

Recently a friend came for a visit and while the kids were watching ABCkids he said to Megan and Alex, “This is for babies!” and promptly told them about other channels. These other stations have toy and fast food adverts too, which I had never noticed that ABCkids didn’t. That opens up a whole new topic of advertising directed straight at children too. Our kids loved the newness of the recently discovered shows. Luckily they haven’t turned those TV stations on again, but it won’t be long before something like that happens again.

We don’t have an Xbox or a Wii or a PlayStation, and while I lament the hand-eye-coordination and problem solving skills that the kids are missing out on, I’m glad they aren’t exposed to the myriad of shooting/killing/hurting games that many of their peers have played. I know there are more innocent games available, but I am also glad that the kids haven’t experienced the pull and addiction that these games can create. 

As a teacher, I can always tell which kids have much older brothers and sisters simply by the language they use (often crude) and their attitudes and values.  While these traits may not be desirable in the teenagers, they are way more age appropriate in a 15yr old rather than in 5yr olds. A girl with teenage sisters wears leather-look hot pants and a midriff top to a party, while Megan chooses to wear a Tshirt with fairies or Quees Elsa on it. I know which one I’m more comfortable seeing on a little girl!

Sheltered? Yep, probably. But instead my kids can create an entire world out of a cardboard box. They draw and build, they imagine, and talk and negotiate (badly) with each other about things relevant to a 5 & 6 year old. The world of body image, Facebook and peer pressure is held at bay by keeping them in childhood rather than rushing them too soon into adolescence.

I’d love to know what you think? Are my kids too sheltered, or do you agree with our decisions?

Willpower (part two)…

We did it!

It’s over!


We proved to ourselves (and others) that we have the willpower to say no!

40 days ago, at the beginning of Lent, Mike and decided to test our mental strength. I chose to give up wine for the 40 days of Lent and Mike denied his love of chips and dip. (Pre-lent thought here)

Pretty tame, you might say. We thought so too…for a while. 

The first few weeks were easy. Alternatives were everywhere. Easter was just around the corner…piece of cake. 

But these last few weeks, and days, have seemed much harder. For me, I’m pretty sure I’m not an alcoholic, but just knowing I can’t have something makes me want it even more. And I sure have wanted a glass of wine much more lately than I ever have. 

I’ve proved to myself the I’m mentally stronger than I give myself credit for. And maybe I should push myself like this more often. 

Aussies certainly do have an alcohol-based celebration tradition, and that was equally hard to crack overview last  40 days. David Campbell wrote a very though-provoking article that I read just before I posted something flippant on Facebook about the last 40 days. My kids already have an understanding of how much mum likes wine, and though I don’t plan to go completely dry, David’s words made me reconsider cracking that waiting bottle of wine as of midnight. It’ll still be there waiting for me tomorrow night at dinnertime!

Mini Break…

This school holidays, we planned a quick mini-break in the city. Just one night in a hotel and the kids thought it was amazing! 


  Checking out the view…

 …and the beds!

 Wandering around the city had the kids enthralled.   

Amazing graffiti…

A swim in the hotel pool was a must before heading out to dinner. 



 Trying new things…


 Marvelling at architecture…

A trip to the movies, late night shopping and wandering around on a balmy night made our first day sensational!


 The buffet breakfast was more exciting for Mike and I than the kids!


The hotel was opposite Tiffanys’ so I had to visit…pity it wasn’t open til later 😔


   Time to check out

Since we were in the city, we decided to visit the zoo while we were there. It was my neice’s birthday and they were there too so it was a family affair for a while. For her birthday present, we got her a ‘close encounter’ experience with a giant turtle…named Little John!


A zoo visit isn’t complete without a trip to the butterfly house and finally everyone got up close to a butterfly!




 Keeper kids in the kid zone…

3sleepyheads in the car on the way home ended a great mini break! 

Boy Thoughts…

Alex piped up with a few questions today…

Alex: Do I have to get married?

Me: No mate, you don’t. 

The kids were chattering briefly then Alex’s questions continue. 

Alex: Can girls marry girls?

Me: Yes

Alex: Can boys marry boys?

Me: Yes (wondering how in depth this conversation was going to get!)

**Slight pause**

Alex: Can trees marry trees?

Here ends the in depth conversation!!


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