Tonight I was needed. Not in the usual ‘cook dinner, do washing, buy groceries’ kind of needed. Anyone can do those jobs and this family still functions. 

No tonight I was needed… me… Megan’s mum. 

Because tonight we schooled the kids on a classic movie…E.T.!

Because tonight, despite Megan loving the movie, she was upset. 

Because despite the fact that Megan knew E.T. was friendly, and he just wanted to go home, she was still scared. Scared that he might come and find her in the dark. 

And only mum-cuddles would alleviate those fears. Laying with her until her sobbing eased, and her breathing slowed. Rubbing her back, stroking her eyebrows and drawing circles on her hand until she fell asleep and I could slip off the bed without waking her. 

It’s nice to know that not just anyone could do that for her. Not just anyone would make her feel safe. That it was me that was needed. 


Growth is such a slow process that most of the the time we don’t notice it happening. More and more houses in a suburb, trees edging closer to the sky but seemingly not changing. 

Changes in people aren’t usually noticeable unless there’s been some time apart. 

“Wow, look how much weight you’ve lost!”

“Oh my, your baby belly is so big!”

“Gee, look how tall you’re getting!”

I know my kids are growing up. Hard and fast facts like pants that are too short, TV shows that are no longer cool to watch or the increasingly harder books that get brought home from school to read!

But photos seem to make the biggest impact for me. So, when we decided to put the newest school photos on the fridge next to some of my old favourites from several years ago, the changes and growth is unmistakable!


Will it work…?

We are reduced to this…

 Since every other avenue has been exhausted to get Alex to eat his dinner, we are reduced to reward charts (aka positive behaviour encourager or bribery…however you want to look at it!)
He, who says he doesn’t like meat but eats varying styles of it, has been told that if he eats something he doesn’t like, he gets a sticker. If he truly didn’t like meat, I wouldn’t make him eat it. We thought he may have even been a vegetarian. However, saying he doesn’t like chicken but eating chicken nuggets or chicken parmigiana kind of makes me question him! The point is getting him to realise we have to eat things we don’t particularly like, especially proteins. 

And of course for the not-fussy Megan, we served her the one thing she didn’t like tonight so she’s joining in too. 
We haven’t decided on the number of stickers=reward yet. But it worked tonight so fingers crossed for a full sheet soon!

ANZAC Centenary…

We decided against going to the city for the massive service for the 100yr anniversary of the Gallipoli landing. 

Instead we continued our tradition of going to the local dawn service.   
 Cold as usual, but this year had a sprinkle of rain. 

  There were so many people, that even up on Dads’ shoulders, the kids still couldn’t see any of the service!

  This small area was full of names and photos of service men and women. 

Visiting the city would have allowed us to see Federation Square like this… covered in thousands of knitted poppies. 

 (Photo courtesy of a friend of mine)

The kids did participate in making a poppy wall at school…

They made Anzac biscuits and talked about the poppy flower for remembrance. 

And the principal bought every student  a commemorative coin. 
These days the kids are so much more aware of the significance of Anzac Day, and if my Facebook feed is any indication, national pride is high! 

Why oh why, then, would the powers-that-be decide a football game is more worthy of a public holiday???

Zirka Circus…

I’ve always kept the kids away from circuses because I don’t believe in entertainment via performing animals. I’m sure the standards aren’t as bad as they used to be. I’m sure animal protection agencies make sure the animals are treated well. Still…I don’t like them.

But then this new circus had just arrived in town, and after Mike googled it, we found out it was animal free! Coming in at $86 for a family, I was skeptical that it would be worth the money, and certainly after arriving at the big top and seeing the less then predicted standard of the seating, I settled myself into thinking we’d have a night of disappointment. 

Boy, how wrong I was!
The entire night was a series of “Wow!!”s. Acrobats, contortionists, clowns that weren’t creepy…it was amazing! The kids go to gymnastics class one night after school, so the show totally interested and amazed them. Megan now wants to be a circus acrobat! 






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