Shrove Tuesday was a few weeks ago. We certainly are not religious (though we always LOVE pancake Tuesday) but I like the idea of giving something up, as a test of will or strength.

I’ve focussed a lot on my health and fitness lately, and I’m hoping to add to that. For ‘lent’ I’ve given up alcohol. I don’t drink copious amounts, but have a glass or two of wine a few nights a week and sometimes more on the weekend. The past few weeks have been tough at work and I got into the habit of looking forward to that glass (or several) at the start of the weekend, so I wanted to see if I could break that habit. 

I’ve found the going easy so far, even going to a friends’ birthday party this weekend was simple…soft drink only. 

I’d love to say that I’ve thrown myself into exercise as an alternative stress reliever, but I’d be lying! I did a fun run last weekend (more fun than run!) and have lost all exercise mojo since then 😕.

There’s just over a month to go until Easter and the alcohol-free road ahead looks pretty good at the moment. I’ll update you in another week or so and see if I’m still so chirpy!!

(It’d be a different story if I had decided to give up bread or cheese!! 😧😧😧)

Daycare is done…

For the past 6 years, my mum and dad have been a regular babysitters for Megan and Alex. They took on the responsibility of day care for a few days a week while we went to work. 

The going hasn’t always been smooth, and as they got older, Mum and Dad found having the kids for the whole day very tiring. Heart-warming, but tiring. 

They’ve looked after the kids from babies, through toddler-hood, joining in with kindergarten drop offs and pick ups. 

From this…To this…

Yesterday was the end on another era. For the past 5 weeks, Alex has had Wednesday’s off from school, as a way to ease into school life, and appointments allowing teachers some 1-1 assessment time with each child. 

During these Wednesday’s, Alex has gone to Mum and Dad’s house for the day. Mum was very keen to offer her services for these days, as she knew it would be the last regular babysitting gig she would have with my kids. 

It was bitter sweet as I picked him up yesterday. Mum was sad that it was the end, but I was also chuffed that Alex is about to be a full time school student!

My little babies are seriously growing up and I think more sleepovers are in order to give the grandparents their fix of kids!

Vegie Garden Update~ Summer 2015…

It’s been ages since I showed what’s been happening in our veggie garden, so here’s the latest!

The tomatoes took off as soon as we planted them. They must be in the perfect spot! We were so excited by the speed of their growth, that we didn’t start to train the branches until after they were heavy with fruit, and by then it was a bit too late. Next year I will know to arrange the branches so they aren’t all laying on top of each other.


We have Roma and Cherry tomatoes, though the aromas have been attached severely by harlequin bugs. We have to be quick to pick the ripe ones!

Are they harlequin bugs? That's just what we call them

Are they harlequin bugs? That’s just what we call them

The new pea plants have struggled with the heat and didn’t survive.

Poor peas didn't cope

Poor peas didn’t cope

The herbs are thriving.

The herbs are thriving.

New onions have been planted since we got some great sized onions from last season. But there are only a few shoots of the new seedlings left.


Beetroot a have gone into 2 beds.



Celery is doing well.

Lots of flowers and 2 nice sized zucchinis


The rhubarb has given us plenty of yummy stalks already.


Our last crop of potatoes yielded soooooo many that we decided to plant some again. They haven’t popped up yet, though. More leafy greens have gone in.


The front beds have produced lots of different kinds of capsicums, but we aren’t sure when to pick the greeny-yellow ones, but the dark green ones are yummy.

The cucumbers have gone wild and have given us loads of good sized fruit.


The pumpkins are throwing off lots of flowers but no pumpkins yet.


We’ve had to pump quite a bit of water into the garden lately due to the heat, so hopefully the plants will yield (or continue to yield) some nice big produce for us in a few weeks.


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