How do you blog…?

I don’t deliberately look for things to blog about. They just pop into my head, usually as I am winding down ready for sleep. I ponder the day that has just been and a thought or moment will make me think “I want to remember that”. While I’d like to document every part of Megan […]

Researching Schools…

Those who know me well, won’t be surprised to find out I have already started researching schools for Megan for Prep next year. I know. It’s only March. Term 1 of Kindergarten. But I also know that getting in early may be the difference between getting into a school we like compared to a school […]

How did they do it…?

At the moment we have only one car. And while I love the extra space in the garage, trying to manage the kids with no car is hard. The end is in sight for us (hopefully) on Friday afternoon. But getting through Friday with kinder drop offs and pick ups and swimming lessons, will be […]

Kinder is exhausting….!

  I was on Kinder duty today…and I’m buggered! 5 hours with 30 4 yr olds is full-on…and very different to Preps at school! The kids don’t stop, it’s go, go, go all the time. Which means the poor teachers and parent helpers don’t stop either!     They played outside for more than an hour, […]