A Leftie…?

How, in a family FULL of right-handed people, did we get a ‘leftie”? Definately left handed, writng and now kicking the footy. Can a leftie be made? When Alex was learning to eat, I would sit opposite him to feed him. So my right-handed spoon was often stolen by his closest hand-the left. Can’t explain […]

Almost…maybe…could be…!

Don’t want to jinx myself, but I think we might be getting there…almost, maybe, could be…! Megan has been doing #1s in the toilet with few accidents for almost a year now. Sadly, #2s were not so easily learned. We tried everything, every strategy we could find, every suggestion we heard about. We made reward […]

He’s a real boy…!

This is gonna sound really dumb, but I’ve started to notice that Alex is a real boy now! Not in the Pinnoccio sense, but no longer a baby, not even a toddler any more. He’s a little boy. He still throws toddler tantrums and asked for his dummy yesterday, but apart from that, almost all […]

It’s nice to be needed…

No parent likes it when their child is sick. The not knowing what is wrong, and worse still, the not being able to do much to make them feel better. Once panadol (or other medicine) is administered, our role becomes that of comforter. Wiping away tears of pain, rubbing sore tummies, stroking foreheads until sleep comes. […]

Fairy Garden…

We have a fairy garden…and we are a bit excited!! Our day’s entertainment for the last day of the Easter holidays was to visit a favourite park of ours. With beautiful big oak(?) trees to wander around, we collected a huge supply of bits and pieces to do ‘something’ with. When we arrived home, we […]