I dont do New Years’ Resolutions. Lots of people don’t, coz they know they wont stick to them. My reason is because I dont think we need to wait til New Years’ to decide to make changes in our life. Lose weight (classic “I’ll start my diet on Monday!”), change careers, save more money…whatever it […]

A day in the life of the Birthday Boy

Thought I’d document Alex’s second birthday pictorially this year…. Still in PJs…opening his presents… Talking Iggle Piggle…yey!! Fun with his new spinning toy… At the beach with Dad… Loving the water with Mum… Having a great time… back home…sharing an icecream with the dog… enjoying his favourite dinner~ chicken, silverside and salad… cake with a […]


They are well loved, but becuase of this Moo and Robbie get filthy. I have written about them in the past and I do so again. My kids are important to me and Moo and Robbie are important to my kids, therefore it is important to let the world know! So these beloved friends have […]

Simple pleasures…

There’s nothing like being up before everyone and enjoying the quiet. It doesn’t happen often-usually coz I like to stay in bed as long as possible on the weekends. But today when Alex got up at his usual time (the crack of dawn!) we went outside for a bit of a play. It’s gonna be […]