A boy thing…

“Boys will be boys” “it’s a boy thing” “boys and their toys”…. All really nice generalisations about boys but I have often wondered about how much we can influence boys and/or girls and how much is instinctive. We never set out to treat Alex in a certain way. We let him play with Megans’ dolls and […]


It’s almost March! I can’t believe it. I must have blinked and missed Jan and Feb!! I feel we have been so busy lately, but we haven’t really done a great deal. Our routine hasn’t changed greatly. I have cut down one day of work, but have added in evening swimming lessons for both kids […]

Routines and responsibility….

I’m big on routine. It fits well with my organised brain. Finding routine with ever growing kids is hard though. It took 3 months to sort out the routine for Alex as a 6month old baby and then he’s 9 months old and needs a different routine! It is getting easier with toddler/pre-school kids. Their […]

The start of something new…

Megan started 3yr old kinder last week. She loved it, I wasn’t upset, so a win all round… Here are some of the things she did in the short orientation visit she had. Such a big girl now… playdough and glueing…couldnt have asked for anything she would rather do! Playing on the climbing frame and […]


They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so I guess boys are from outer space somewhere too! They are just a whole new species to me! I have always had a man/boy in the house my whole life (dad, brother, husband) but having my own little boy has highlighted just how […]