Current phrases…

We seem to have cycles of phrases that go round and round our house, then slowly disappear. There are 3 phrases currently ( though I suspect one will be around for quite a while!) 1. I WANT TO DO IT … ALL BY MYSELF!–We hear this for everything, so naturally EVERYTHING takes ages! Independent little […]

Yes or No…!

I don’t like making decisions. Especially large, could-go-either-way, type decisions. Hubby and I have been discussing the possibility of me going back to work full time next year while he cut down to part time. Both our jobs would make this switch easy, and part time work would allow him more time to complete his […]

Will I jinx myself….?

I hummed and harred over writing this post or not. I really don’t want to jinx myself and stuff everything up! Toiletting post about to begin…look away those not interested!!! We FINALLY started making Megan wear undies to bed rather than a nappy. I can hear your cries of shock and horror that a 4 […]