We have had loads of trouble with Alex sleeping lately. Well, if I’m honest, we’ve had trouble with him sleeping since he was born. He was definately NOT a textbook sleeper. None of the timeframes or strategies fitted him, so it was always tons of trial and error and lots of sleepless nights for us. […]

Times have changed…

It’s interesting how times have changed. Things we took for granted as kids are no longer common place for this next generation. Today was hot. The last few weeks have been hot! And we have had some kind of pool on our patio for the kids (and even sometimes Mike and I) to paddle around […]

Fun things we’ve done this week

The school holidays are nearing the end, and so to go out with a bit of a bang, we’ve been doing some extra fun things lately (mainly to stop Megan from being glued to ABC kids all day long!). Some ideas I got from a blog called Planning with Kids by a super organised mum with […]

Bikes and Dentists…

Bikes and dentisits….thankfully these two are not related in today’s blog. There has been no disasterous bike accident needing immediate dental work ~ thank heavens!! No, these are just two big things in Megans life at the moment. Megan got a bike for Christmas and, boy, was it money well spent! Mike got the traditional […]