Who am I, what makes me tick, what makes me blog…?

Good grief…I have no idea!! OK, that’s not true. I know part of the answers to these questions.

I am a mum, a wife, friend, daughter, sister …

I am a teacher, wannabe photographer, scrapbooker, walker (though I’d really like to be a runner) …

I always wanted to be a writer so I think I can tick this blog off as reaching my life’s ambition …

I try to spend as much quality time with my kids as I can, though everyone values the TV in our house for different reasons …

I cannot give up soft drink despite my best efforts and trully believe there is not much better than butter on fresh white bread!

I started this blog as a online journal and have loved keeping it up. Occasionally I have to think hard about something to write, but usually there are so many things that I want to document about the kids that I am not lacking in posts. I have tried very hard to stick to the theme of blogging about the kids and their world. It get stretched sometimes, but I think I have maintained the integrity of the original concept.

One day, I’m hoping to somehow extract all the posts on this blog and publish a book to give to the kids … about their childhood … their development … how they sent mum mad … I’m sure the technology will be around to do that one day … It probably already is!!


17 thoughts on “Me

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  2. I came here to nominate you for the Liebster award and see that you have already been nominated for an award, how exciting! If you do feel like accepting the Liebster award you can see your nomination on my page!

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