Copy Cat

I love watching my kids play. It’s one of my favourite “mum” activities. Of course, sometimes the kids fight, but that’s to be expected. No, my favourtie thing to watch at the moment is Copy Cat. Copy Cat is a very simple game. Megan does whatever she likes and Alex copies her…exactly. She might be sitting […]


I hate sand. It sticks. It scratches. It itches. It gets everywhere. We have a sandpit. The kids love it. I hate it. Sand comes inside. Its hides away for days. Sand gets everywhere. Megan and Alex love the sandpit at creche. I hate it. Sand gets on their clothes. Sand gets IN their clothes. […]

Hysterics and Tantrums!

We attempted grocery shopping after dinner tonight. BIG MISTAKE!! The kids were obviously more tired than we thought, because we had teary, ratty, naughty offspring by the time we left the supermarket. So when Mike tried to convince the kids that they WANTED a shower before bed, the fun began… Tears and refusals to get […]

Movin’ on up!!

We got great news from Megan’s day care today. She is “gradutating” from the toddler room to the pre-kinder room. Yipee!! Older children in the room. Good role models for routines and behaviour. Different/higher expectations from staff. All our troubles should be over, right? No more toilet training accidents, no more day sleeps, no more thumb sucking…a […]

Working mum…

Going back to work after Megan was born was not a tough decision. I was looking forward to the adult company and conversation and a few days a week away from me would not hurt Megan. Taking on a 4 day working week this year with 2 littlies has been a different story. Super organisation needed for both […]