Winter Update…

It’s been a while…a LONG… while since I posted anything bloggy, so here’s a family update…

  • Got selected by her gymnastics club to join a squad development team. We are super proud of her and can see some huge improvements in her skill level, though the class is for 2 hours after school and is at a really inconvenient time. We are persevering for now…and will see if she is still interested after the September holidays.
  • Has the most wobbly tooth right at the front that just refuses to fall out! It actually looks like a buck tooth because it’s so out of alignment to the others!


  • is dealing with the emotional upheaval that goes with being a 5yr old boy! He goes from 0 to outraged in 2.4seconds and can turn with an angelic smile and say “I love you mum” very soon after. His emotional spectrum gives me whiplash!! 
  • Is doing amazingly well at school. His reading is improving exponentially, he loves school and his teachers love him (clearly they don’t see the above point at school!)
  • Is still obsessed with making paper planes. He is actually quite good at it, but I’m soooooooo totally sick of finding folded paper all throughout the house and my classroom!


  • Is still a bit of a gym junkie, going 3 times a week. Our evening life seems to revolve around his gym schedule but I don’t mind (much) since he is taking the initiative to look after this health.
  • Has joined the SES. The SES (state emergency service) are the go to people that the police, firies and ambos (fire brigade and ambulance) call in to help with emergency situations. It is voluntary and mike is loving all the training he has been doing before the new recruits are allowed out onto the field during emergencies. I wasn’t aware of just how often the SES are called upon. I thought hey we’re just there to help during floods, bush fires, search and rescues, etc. Apparently they do a huge amount of work with the police, protecting the integrity of evidence, cordoning off crime scenes, etc.


  • School has been pretty full-on in the last few months…though really, when is it not! I do have to admit though, that I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel! My little preppies (in their first year of school) are amazing me with how well they are able to read, write and tackle all things school related. It almost makes me want to put my hand up to take another on another batch next year….almost!
  • Our garden has been quite neglected lately. The winter weather has been miserable and only the last few weekends have been bearable enough to trek outside to see what’s growing. We currently have…snow peas, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, rosemary, thyme, swede, turnip, onions, beetroot, garlic, rhubarb, potatoes, figs, apples, pears, peaches, strawberries, plums, lemons, mandarins and passionfruit! The veggies will be harvested in the next month or two, but the fruit will need a few more years before they provide us with much.



  • We have been counting down (slowly) towards our cruise next year. We have researched the heck out of cruising and I think I have found every trick to saving money or saving baggage space as I can!  

     That’s it for now!

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