The Latest Layouts…

As usual, these holidays have seen me finish some scrapbook layouts. I try to keep as up to date as I can, because when I fall behind, the amount of effort needed to catch up freaks me out and totally puts me off even beginning!

This time of year, the pages are of Megan’s birthday. I needed to do two double page spreads, one for her day of special activities on her actual birthday and one for Megan’s gymnastic party. 

I tried to use a new bunting punch, but it wasn’t as easy to use as I had hoped. Lots of broken pieces 😤😤😤😤

I’ve used a new app called ‘Blur It’ to blur out the faces of other people in these photos to post on this blog. I’m sure the families would give permission for their kids to be shown but I prefer to keep it just a ‘Megan and Alex’ zone (and saves me chasing permission!!)

The final layout is from our trip to the snow last week. It’s hard to find ideas for layouts with lots of photos. Most people seem to use just a couple of photos per page. I’m too lazy to spread the pictures out over multiple pages so I try to cram them all into one page or one double spread. This often means I need to ditch the non-essential photos. Luckily when I print the images at Kmart or Big W, they have a collage photo option which produces small 3x4inch and tiny 2x3inch pictures. 

I’m happy with the results of this holidays’ efforts and I’m thankful there are no birthdays or family trips planned between now and next school holidays. I’ll get some time off!


2 thoughts on “The Latest Layouts…

  1. These are great I wish I had time and energy to not only do the scrap book page but to take the photos and make the trips to. Well done. I’m curious where and how do you store these sheets once complete?

    • They do take time and effort…and space away from little hands! I keep them in a scrapbook album. They are usually stored away where noone sees them which a pointless, but when I get them out to add more pages the kids love flicking through them

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