Frustrations of a Book Lover…!

(That title should read “Immense Frsutration of a Book Lover”)

The sequence of events…

  • Uncommitted Saturday with a reasonably good book to finish.
  • Spend most of the morning in bed reading, get dressed, then continue to read through lunch and into the early afternoon.
  • Realisation, as the book is ending, that there must be a sequel.
  • Book finishes.
  • Quickly jump onto the local library website to find the next book (expecting to have to order it in from another library)
  • Local library service HAS the next book…AND it is available to borrow!
  • Decide to make myself presentable for the quick trip to the library to get the book.
  • Daydream of the rest of the afternoon delving into the next part of the story.
  • Check the opening times for the library and realise the library has CLOSED!
  • Mentally count the hours until the library reopens, and think of the bleak hours ahead that COULD’VE been spent reading!!
  • 😤😥😤😥😤😥😤😥

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