Tonight I was needed. Not in the usual ‘cook dinner, do washing, buy groceries’ kind of needed. Anyone can do those jobs and this family still functions. 

No tonight I was needed… me… Megan’s mum. 

Because tonight we schooled the kids on a classic movie…E.T.!

Because tonight, despite Megan loving the movie, she was upset. 

Because despite the fact that Megan knew E.T. was friendly, and he just wanted to go home, she was still scared. Scared that he might come and find her in the dark. 

And only mum-cuddles would alleviate those fears. Laying with her until her sobbing eased, and her breathing slowed. Rubbing her back, stroking her eyebrows and drawing circles on her hand until she fell asleep and I could slip off the bed without waking her. 

It’s nice to know that not just anyone could do that for her. Not just anyone would make her feel safe. That it was me that was needed. 


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