ANZAC Centenary…

We decided against going to the city for the massive service for the 100yr anniversary of the Gallipoli landing. 

Instead we continued our tradition of going to the local dawn service.   
 Cold as usual, but this year had a sprinkle of rain. 

  There were so many people, that even up on Dads’ shoulders, the kids still couldn’t see any of the service!

  This small area was full of names and photos of service men and women. 

Visiting the city would have allowed us to see Federation Square like this… covered in thousands of knitted poppies. 

 (Photo courtesy of a friend of mine)

The kids did participate in making a poppy wall at school…

They made Anzac biscuits and talked about the poppy flower for remembrance. 

And the principal bought every student  a commemorative coin. 
These days the kids are so much more aware of the significance of Anzac Day, and if my Facebook feed is any indication, national pride is high! 

Why oh why, then, would the powers-that-be decide a football game is more worthy of a public holiday???


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