Willpower (part two)…

We did it!

It’s over!


We proved to ourselves (and others) that we have the willpower to say no!

40 days ago, at the beginning of Lent, Mike and decided to test our mental strength. I chose to give up wine for the 40 days of Lent and Mike denied his love of chips and dip. (Pre-lent thought here)

Pretty tame, you might say. We thought so too…for a while. 

The first few weeks were easy. Alternatives were everywhere. Easter was just around the corner…piece of cake. 

But these last few weeks, and days, have seemed much harder. For me, I’m pretty sure I’m not an alcoholic, but just knowing I can’t have something makes me want it even more. And I sure have wanted a glass of wine much more lately than I ever have. 

I’ve proved to myself the I’m mentally stronger than I give myself credit for. And maybe I should push myself like this more often. 

Aussies certainly do have an alcohol-based celebration tradition, and that was equally hard to crack overview last  40 days. David Campbell wrote a very though-provoking article that I read just before I posted something flippant on Facebook about the last 40 days. My kids already have an understanding of how much mum likes wine, and though I don’t plan to go completely dry, David’s words made me reconsider cracking that waiting bottle of wine as of midnight. It’ll still be there waiting for me tomorrow night at dinnertime!


8 thoughts on “Willpower (part two)…

  1. I did a month without chocolate in February, it wasn’t as hard as I thought but it definitely has changed the taste of it for me now. I went from chocoholic to a bit blaise about it. Good on you for doin no alcohol x

  2. Well done! Our family gave up all restaurants for Lent (we normally eat out once a week) and it was crazy easy to begin with and then crazy hard at about the halfway point onward!! LOL

  3. We should all give things up for a month every so often, if only to enjoy it more when we go back to it or to perhaps realise we don’t need it or shouldn’t use it quite as much as we have been

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