Until Last Week…

Alex is a healthy, fast-growing 5yr old boy who eats anything and everything…until last week! 😕😕

Until last week, I could confidently put most foods in front of the boy and he’d devour it. He had a real aversion to meat but practically all else was ‘nectar from the gods’…until last week. 

Last week he stopped eating dinner and brings most of his lunch and snacks home from school untouched. Even the good stuff is unopened! At first we growled at him for wasting food but now I’m beginning to wonder…

What’s going on??

There’s no sore throat, mouth or tummy. No change in food products.

He is tired from his first term of school, and not eating is just making him more tired and cranky. He suddenly doesn’t like things like bananas or cheese. WTF?

If there are any suggestions out there, I’d love to hear them. I was getting used to feeding the teenager trapped in his 5yr old body and I’d kind of like that boy back!!


3 thoughts on “Until Last Week…

    • Me too! I know his teacher quite well so I’m guessing there’s a school problem id be told. He barely eats at home either. Maybe it’s the opposite of a growth spurt??

      • Sounds logical. I know my little guy goes through periods where we have to tell him to stop eating and other periods where he hardly eats anything (especially in comparison to his regular appetite). I’m sure it’ll pass 🙂

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