Overcoming Frustration…

Regular readers will know that I’m a teacher, and my kids attend school where I teach. There were a few reasons for us to choose to send them to a school outside our local area. The first, and most important reason, is that my school is a fantastic school. If it wasn’t, the other reasons would be null and void!

My full time work was another reason for an out-of-zone school choice. I didn’t want the kids to be in before- and after-school-care every day of the week at a local school. Coming to school with me meant that they could hang out in my classroom before school, and again after school. They still go to after-school-care on my meeting nights, but that’s only twice a week.


That was the plan…


I know loads of people think that teachers leave school straight after the students, but we actually have quite a bit do do once the kids have left for the day. I honestly thought I’d be able to get all those jobs done while the kids entertained themselves.

I thought wrong!

Parents of school kids know just how tired and crabby they can be after of a day of concentrating and learning. Getting them to be still and quiet and not to make a mess after their long day isn’t easy! They just want time to play! But to keep my classroom in order, I’m constantly asking them to calm down, clean up, stop fighting. I get very little work done, as I’m putting out sibling spot fires, or finding things to keep them entertained. 

I’m getting very frustrated with the situation. I hate taking work home, but it’s the easiest solution lately. Be a mum until the kids are in bed and then get back into teacher mode each night. Not fun.

Booking the kids into after-school-care every day is tempting at the moment, although the cost of that makes it an unrealistic option. Plus that was a reason they didn’t go to a local school in the first place.

Now that Mike works at a school 40minutes away, getting him to pick the kids up after school won’t be much help. Asking mum and dad to pick the kids up isn’t a great idea either. They love having the kids occasionally, but getting them to collect the kids regularly is a bit of a stretch.

So this is my NEW plan…

Get Mike to pick up the kids on my meeting nights. They are already in after-school-care those nights, so it doesn’t matter if he gets to our school later. After my meeting has finished, I can spend time in my room getting all those bits and pieces done. All other nights, I need to push myself to finish up quicker so that the kids don’t get too fractious.

Well, that’s the plan anyway…

Let’s see if this one plays out how we’d like. I really hope it works, because it’s not always easy to be cheery with my own kids, after I’ve used up lots of my good cheer during the day at school! And being a cranky, grumpy mum is not what I want my kids to remember about me!

6 thoughts on “Overcoming Frustration…

  1. I’m just a TA in a school and I even had to stay behind some days to get ‘thing’s done’.
    Being a teacher is so much hard and tiring paper work. Planning, marking and preparing. Parents really don’t understand or appropriate just how much goes into their child’s learning.
    I do sometimes wonder if the board of education think teachers should have a life out of school let alone children of their own to raise.
    I hope you can find the balance soon that will work for both you and the children. It’s not easy.
    If and when I return to work Vinnie will need to be in pre school from 7am-5pm 5 days a week and even then I’ll be lucky to collect him at 5pm. Granny might have to stay with him 30mins traffic depending.

  2. Oh gee I feel for you lin. Occasionally I work from home but I just know that it’s not going to happen with two of them there. There just isn’t enough of me to split it between 2 kids and work. One I can cope with and work but two….
    Hope your plan works.

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