I’m going to start with a rant and end on a simple but precious moment!

Last night saw hubby and I spend a night in a city hotel, seeing a show and celebrating our wedding anniversary. The ‘just us’ time was heavenly. 

Our night coincided with Melbourne’s Moomba festival, so the city was filled with people out enjoying and celebrating. There were kids everywhere, loads of kids. And I’m sad to say that many of them were glued to electronic devices. 

Despite being in a beautiful city in lovely early autumn weather surrounded by culture and architecture, they had their heads in front of a screen! One kid even had his tablet on and up loud in the hotel elevator… He hadn’t had time to get bored yet!

Seriously parents, I know devices are great at keeping kids entertained, but allow them time to look around, experience things and be well and truly bored before you whip out that keep ’em quiet gold. 


                 ***rant over***

We walked to the milk bar today for some milk. Alex wanted to come and he wanted to ride his scooter. I warned him that it would be a happy walk, with no tears or cries of sore legs, scooters would be ridden all the way there and back- no giving up half way. I explained the terms and conditions of the walk and it was a total success! 



Megan and I walked to the milk bar, holding hands and chatting the whole way. It was a beautiful, everyday 15 minutes with my girl! 

And it was SIMPLY perfect!


4 thoughts on “Simple…

  1. So happy that you had a wonderful time! And happy anniversary!

    Those electronic devices are so very easy to give to kids, aren’t they. We try to be careful with letting the toddler get screen time, but sometimes, he gets more than he should. One thing that bugs me is when we go out to the restaurant and I see both parents and their kids sitting at a table on their phones or tablets no ever talking to each other. What’s the point!?!

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