Daycare is done…

For the past 6 years, my mum and dad have been a regular babysitters for Megan and Alex. They took on the responsibility of day care for a few days a week while we went to work. 

The going hasn’t always been smooth, and as they got older, Mum and Dad found having the kids for the whole day very tiring. Heart-warming, but tiring. 

They’ve looked after the kids from babies, through toddler-hood, joining in with kindergarten drop offs and pick ups. 

From this…To this…

Yesterday was the end on another era. For the past 5 weeks, Alex has had Wednesday’s off from school, as a way to ease into school life, and appointments allowing teachers some 1-1 assessment time with each child. 

During these Wednesday’s, Alex has gone to Mum and Dad’s house for the day. Mum was very keen to offer her services for these days, as she knew it would be the last regular babysitting gig she would have with my kids. 

It was bitter sweet as I picked him up yesterday. Mum was sad that it was the end, but I was also chuffed that Alex is about to be a full time school student!

My little babies are seriously growing up and I think more sleepovers are in order to give the grandparents their fix of kids!

2 thoughts on “Daycare is done…

  1. My son only started really a few months ago, one afternoon with Nanny but at our house. Now, 21 months old he goes to hers once a week minimum and it makes him seem soooo old! Can’t imagine how it will feel in a few years, or to do sleepovers! It all happens so quick! 🙂

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