Lunch Box Snacks…

A friend of mine, Bel from Life at No.2, had a pic on Instagram the other day of all these homemade snacks she had made for lunchboxes. I was inspired!!

We always try to shy away from processed snacks for the kids’ lunchboxes, but its not always possible. They always have fresh fruit and vegetables but adding something a little bit special always makes the boring stuff more bearable. And having things ready to go in the freezer makes a huge difference when the madness of making lunches comes around. Anything that makes life easier is a winner with me!

The kids have always loved fruit in jelly, though the ratio of fruit to jelly has dramatically increased over the years, without any complaints!


Apricot and apple pieces with jelly

Apricot and apple pieces with jelly


Individual fruit jellies


They also love pikelets with fruit in them, so I made a batch of them, too.

Pikelets with peach pieces

Pikelets with peach pieces


My mum has the BEST recipe for chocolate chip cookies, so, even though they aren’t healthy, they are AWESOME and I made those as well!

oooooh yum!

oooooh yum!

Lastly, Bel mentioned she had made scrolls. I haven’t done those in ages so I gave them a go. I knew the pastry wouldn’t freeze and defrost well, so I made just enough to last this week being stored in an airtight container. Cheesy-mite scrolls and pizza scrolls….yum!

Vegemite and cheese, and pizza

Vegemite and cheese, and pizza

Rolled up and ready to cook

Rolled up and ready to cook

Hopefully this bake-up will last a few weeks until I start scratching my head as to what to put in their lunchboxes again πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Lunch Box Snacks…

  1. Looking good! I did a bake up for my kids lunches too – now I’m trying a few different things. I love pinterest for inspiration, yet still laugh and wonder how I would get time to do such intricate little kitchy creations (I have a love hate relationship with pinterest lol).

    Have a look around my blog and see if anything I’ve done might work for you and yours – oh and I’m digging your pizza pinwheels, they look yum πŸ™‚

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