Changing Routines…

The end of January (aka start of the school year) always brings with it changes in our routine.

This year, the end of January means the start of a new workplace for Mike (same role though), and he will change his week from working part-time last year, to full-time this year. His new school is about 30-40 minutes drive from home, and no longer 5 minutes down the road from Megan and I. We used to rely on him to drive us to school. Carpooling saved us a stack of money in reduced petrol costs and it was a great chance to debrief about our day before walking in the front door. I’m certainly going to miss that time together this year 😦

Alex begins school, at the same school as Megan and I. Not having to take him to countless different places during the week (daycare, Kindergarten, babysitters) will be a huge time saver. Though for the month of February, he won’t be at school on Wednesdays, a scheme schools use to slowly accustom Prep students into the long school week. On these Wednesdays he will stay at my Mums’ house, so there will still be a bit of shuffling back and forth until March.

Megan will no longer do dancing on a Monday night. Instead she and Alex starts swimming at a new swim centre on Tuesdays (as of tomorrow), so we will probably keep the same dancing routine of taking everything to school and getting changed into bathers after school.

My after-school meeting schedule has changed from Mondays and Tuesdays, to Monday and Wednesdays. Not a huge change here, but we do our grocery shopping on a Wednesday each fortnight, so this might need to be adjusted once we settle in a bit.

With Mike and I both working full-time, we will need to manage housework and meals, something he looked after on his days off last year. He finishes at 3:20pm, so hopefully he will be home early enough to start cooking dinner, or preparing it at least! I’ve found some pre-prepared meal ideas from The Chaos and the Clutter that I’m going to get sorted this week, which will hopefully save some time each night after work. We will continue to make all our sandwiches on the weekend and freeze them. It was so easy last year to just grab out the required amount each night ready for the next day. We are slightly restricted on what sandwich ingredients can go into the freezer (no salad sandwiches) but its a trade-off for being more organised.

I’m also trying to convince Mike that we should get a cleaner to do the vacuuming, toilets and mopping…just enough to take that burden off our shoulders each week.

We like to be an organised bunch here in M&A’s World, and getting our heads around new procedures and schedules takes a bit of brain power, but once we are up and running, we are like a well-oiled machine!


4 thoughts on “Changing Routines…

  1. Its great that the childrens after school class dont clash with your meetings. Im sure you guys will manage some how. But get a cleaner 😉 spend the weekends together enjoying each other and relaxing.

  2. Good luck with finding your new normal. I totally vote for a cleaner for what it’s worth, V and I have already agreed that if/when i go back full time we will get one to make things easier on both of us (me having to do less, and him not getting whinged at by me lol)

    • Ill tell him he’s outvoted 😄 Im sure with us all at school every day the house wont get so dirty, but it saves me walking in the door and thinking ‘Ughhh now I have to clean!’

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