Our Queensland trip in numbers…

This week we got back from a family holiday to Queensland, to stay with some of hubby’s family outside Noosa. We decided to make the long haul driving rather than flying, so here’s our holiday stats…

12 days
3850 kms
4 states
6 different places to stay
4 theme parks/zoos
2 carsickness vomit episodes
6 doses of travel sickness medicine (because of the above item!)
4 different swimming pools
10 big things (see photos below)
4 books read
2 phone not working crisis- 1 serious!
8 morning wake ups before 6am 😫
4 Rivers Store visits~my favourite shop at the moment!
13 Takeaway meals

‘Rambo, the BIG merino’ ~Goulburn, NSW.

‘the BIG banana’ ~Coffs Harbour, NSW.

‘the BIG prawn’ ~Ballina, NSW.

‘the BIG knight’ ~Knockrow, NSW.

‘the BIG pineapple’ ~Nambour, QLD.

‘the BIG cow’ ~Yandina, QLD.

‘the BIG pelican’ ~Noosa, QLD.

‘the BIG boules ball’ ~Lake Cathie, NSW.

‘the BIG axe’ ~Kew, NSW.

‘The BIG rock (aka Uluru)’ ~ Humpry Doo, NSW.

‘the BIG house! Parliament House’ ~Canberra, ACT.

Australia seems to have a love of these BIG things! We had a map of them to see how many we could visit in one holiday…I think we did alright!



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