A day of YES….

Today we ventured into the city to see the Christmas bits and pieces. Hubby had a short course to do so I figured the kids and I could spend 5hrs wandering around until he was finished. A tall order, you might think, but the kids did an amazing job. And since we visit the City so rarely, I thought we’d make it as special as we could.

I had already decided it was going to be a ‘stop and smell the roses’ kind of day since we needed to kill 5hrs but I didn’t realise how many ‘yes’s that would mean. Today was certainly a day of ‘YES’!!

Kids: “can we go for a tram ride?”
Me: “Yes!”

Kids: “Can we have McDonalds for lunch?”
Me: “Yes!”
Kids: “and an ice-cream for dessert?”
Me: “Sure!”



Kids: “Can we get a photo with the elves?”
Me: “Yes!”

Kids: “Can we skip the massively long line for the Myer Windows and just look from the side?”
Me: “Hell yes!”

Kids: “Can we sit up here on this rather high window sill while you wait in the long queue for us to see the gingerbread village?”
Me: “I suppose so!”
(OK so I’ve slightly paraphrased their questions, but you get the idea!)


Kids: ” Can we splash in the water feature with all the other kids?”
Me: “why not?!”



Kids: can you buy is some silly reindeer ears that will end up forgotten after 12hrs?
Me: sure thing!


Kids: ” Can we sit up at the top of the stairs to watch the light show and talk to the crazy present-man?”
Me: “of course”



We walked for miles and the kids were so good. And it felt great to be the fun mum for a change and just say “YES”!!


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