We got our Christmas bits and bobs out yesterday, readying for setting the tree up next weekend. In the excitement of rediscovering all the trinkets and decorations, the kids also found our makeshift Elf on the Shelf, whom we call Alfie. Oh dear!!

(Alfie is a napkin holder and came in a set of 3, so he is swapped each night and he is in a different pose each day.)

We said “No it’s not Alfie, coz he doesn’t come until December 1st” as Mike quickly whipped Alfie away. But the kids are at the age know, that age where they’ll remember that it WAS Alfie they saw. If he was in the XMAS decoration box then is he really from the North Pole and Santa’s Workshop??? I’m not ready to answer that question yet, so I think I’ve found a solution!

I stumbled upon these guys this morning and think they’ll be perfect!!
They’re from


They are way cuter than the real Elf on the Shelf, who I think has a creepy face! If I can be organised and get fabric and time to sit and sew before next Monday, we might have a new Elf visiting. He’ll need another name though, and I loved Alfie 😔


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