Time Away…

Last week, hubby and I went interstate for a friends’ wedding. We spent 5 days in tropical Queensland without the kids…and I loved every minute of it!!



I love my kids very dearly, but I’ll be honest in saying that I didn’t miss them while we were away.

I think modern technology helped to ease any twangs of missing the kids. We called, texted and even discovered FaceTime, which was a hoot as the kids were more interested in seeing themselves on screen than actually talking to us!

I certainly noticed their absence, but mainly in the ease of our time without having to chase after or plan around the children. The lack of responsibility was intoxicating!

We saw parents having to leave the pool area because their child needed a sleep. We could stay as long as we liked.


We noticed other families hum and har over what to do for lunch or dinner. We could go wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted to eat and drink whatever we wanted!


We really only had ourselves to worry about, and since hubby is a grown man and very capable of looking after himself, I could be quite selfish and think of what suited just me most of the time! Such a rarity!!


Am I glad to be able to cuddle and kiss the kids whenever I like now that I’m back home? Absolutely!

Will we plan another parents-only trip away? You can count on it!! šŸ˜

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