The Difference of 18months….

Megan and Alex were born 18 months apart. For the most part, they are very similar in interests and abilities. At age 6 and 4-and-a-half, they love the same TV shows, have both mastered 2-wheel bike riding, have similar crafting abilities (though Megan is a drawer but Alex is certainly not).

They often get mistaken for twins, since Megan is little but Alex is average height. Every now and again, Megan will have a growth spurt and shoot up, but soon enough Alex will have one too and they are back to almost the same height.


It’s only the very small things that set them apart in age/maturity levels. It’s surprising how much of a gap 18mths is when it comes to maturity.

-Megan will suffer through eating a dinner she doesn’t like, because she knows she has to or knows it’s good for her. Alex just refuses to eat.

-Alex will go into Megan’s room early in the morning to “see if she’s awake” despite being told not to wake anyone up.

-Megan will help out around the house when she knows it’s ‘helping’. Alex only does it if there’s something in it for him. (Though this might be a personality thing rather than maturity!)

-Alex has tantrums over things like putting his clean clothes away. Megan grumbles but does it anyway.

-Megan has worked out what is worth debating with us and when it’s non-negotiable. Alex argues about EVERYTHING!

I’m sure these kind of tiny differences will continue, but change slightly as the kids get older. It’s easy to manage when they are so similar, planning activities that will entertain them both. But from Megan’s perspective, it’s also nice to know there is a definite distinction between them too.


2 thoughts on “The Difference of 18months….

    • No it was actually fine. Lots of people warned it’d be hard but coz she was little we could arrange naps at similar times, change nappies all at once etc. she was at that stage of being able to ‘help’. “Get mummy a nappy” etc

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