Venturing Out…

I love taking photos, looking at other people’s photos and talking about photos.

So when the opportunity came to go out with Leanne Cole (website and blog)and the Social Snappers to take photos of the city at night, I jumped at the chance.

I’m quite a shy homebody, so venturing into Melbourne to meet someone I’ve only met once before and someone else that I’ve never met before, was quite daunting!


When we found each other, she had two other people with her, which was great to be able chat and share the photos we’d taken.

I didn’t want to hassle Leanne with a million questions, but she shared information right off the bat, which set us all up for the night.

Almost straight away my tripod broke and was out of action for the night, which makes it almost impossible to take night photos. Leanne happily shared her tripod with me and the other times I made do with steady surfaces. My lunchbox even came in handy as a grippy support!

We started at the MCG, then walked towards Flinders St station, with fabulous light trails on our agenda.


The lights of the city and interesting sculptures along the way were an opportunity to play with different settings.

I’m looking forward to practicing what I have learnt from this expedition, and I am excited about joining Leanne and the Social Snappers for another trip in December to look at the city all lit up for Christmas!


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