Old Habits Die Hard…

We aren’t well off. Far from it. We haven’t exactly been on struggle street but we haven’t been that far off. We’ve needed to keep an incredibly tight reign on our budget and we’ve certainly gone without.

This year, work changes has meant finances are a little freer. We can afford to do things, like go out for dinner- a luxury that we always had to go without.

And now that the tax-man has graced us with a healthy tax return, we can afford to do things around the house that have been put off for soooooo long.

Like painting the walls…in the entire house! The walls haven’t had any love since we built the house 9yrs ago and the builders used a very thin spraying technique so the quality of the finish wasn’t great to begin with.


They‘ say be bold and have fun with colour. If you decide you don’t like the colour choice, just paint over it with something new. But that’s hard to get my head around when we are so used to pinching pennies. It seems like such a waste of money. Especially when we are so used to choosing things carefully to avoid any wastage.

I think if we won a million dollars, I’d still budget and prioritise every last cent to make sure we were getting the most value for money. So these sample pots of paint had better do their job and help us choose definitively!


Tell me your thoughts... Go on, really, please tell me!

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