Miss Feisty-Pants…

Back in Uni, I remember a Human Development class that explained that most little girls idolised their mums until about the age of 6, at which time they realised that Dad was pretty fabulous and he became the parental hero.

The shift from being the ‘can’t do anything wrong‘ parent began even before Megan turned 6. It coincided with starting school, when her teacher became the all-seeing, all-knowing Wonder Woman.

I’m not upset (very much!) that I am no longer Perfect-Mum in my little girls’ eyes. But I am surprised at how this change is manifesting in Megan. It’s like she turned teenager when she clicked from 5 to 6. Foot-stamping, dirty looks, “It’s not fair!” and bouts of silent treatment are coming from my previously angelic child.

Disappointing things that she normally just accepted are now being questioned and voiced…loudly! Don’t get me wrong, I love that Megan is growing up and finding her opinions and convictions, I just didn’t expect them so soon or so suddenly!

If this is 6yrs old, what will she be like at 10….or 14???


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