Me Time…

‘Me Time’ is a very popular concept in the ‘mummy’ world at the moment. Everywhere you look, someone is telling mums that they need some time for themselves, away from the demands of parenting.

For some reason, going to the gym is the most common ‘taking time for yourself’ idea. I joined the gym this week in an attempt to tackle weight loss, a lower back injury and general un-fit-ness (if that’s not a word, I’m making it one!)

But I certainly don’t consider sweating and exercising my muscles to the point of exhaustion to be ‘me time’. Going to the gym is important for me at the moment, but it’s work- not relaxation. I have to make an effort to schedule gym classes in, and then maintain the motivation to actually turn up. This is not ‘me time’.

‘Me time’ shouldn’t need motivation. It needs to be an activity that always, reliably gives you pure pleasure or relaxation. I guess the gym does that for some people-not me!

I’ve had lots of ‘me time’ over these past two weeks of school holidays. I’ve had to fight for it and have been frequently interrupted, but I’ve loved it. What’s my version of ‘me time’?20140711-083144-30704772.jpg

I’ve had my head stuck in a series of 5 books. Getting totally sucked into characters and their worlds and not wanting to do anything else but get back to my book. That’s my idea of pure pleasure and relaxation.20140711-083156-30716272.jpg

What do you consider as ‘me time’?



(One of my rules for this blog is to only include my own photos, but reading deserves an exception!)



7 thoughts on “Me Time…

  1. Oh I am just like you! I go to the gym merely every day and although it is nice not to have two little ones climbing all over me while I’m trying to do a push-up, it is till hard work, not exactly relaxation time! 🙂 I consider a cup of tea and a good book all by myself simply divine!

  2. I wish I go to the gym! I’m just too lazy to do it. My me time is when I cook in the kitchen which is hardly a me-time b ecause my kids like to bug me every now and then. My sure me time is still at 3am if I’m not on a graveyard shift. That’s the only time I can read/blog/paint my nails/have coffee without getting interrupted. Sigh.

      • Sure is. I guess I’ll wait till I can kick these kiddos out of the house so I can do MY thing. Unfortunately, it is a norm in the Philippines that kids stay with their parents until they get married and sometimes they stay even when they are married and have kids. I think there is no hope for me! LMAO

      • Oh wow! You’ll really need space saving ideas if they do that!! We were just saying how much more money we’ll have when the kids leave home!!

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