Snow Day…

Many of my Northern Hemisphere readers might find the excitement in this post a little surprising. But the truth is…for us, snow is EXCITING!

We don’t get snow here in Melbourne, and in fact there are only a few mountain ranges across Australia that actually DO get snow. So we decided to make a trip to the closest one (Lake Mountain) and introduce the kids to the wonder of snow….and it was love at first sight!


A local supermarket chain were throwing out ski gear at 50% off so we bought jackets and pants for the kids at bargain prices-cheaper than hire prices. We hired the rest and were warm for the day, something I was very surprised at.

The mountain we visited is mainly set up for snow play, tobogganing and cross-country skiing, not that we were even thinking of tackling skis! The kids had a blast on the toboggans, and so did we!



We had a go at making Olaf, but found there must be an art to snowman-making, coz it was harder than it looks on TV!

There was lots of general snow play, too!

One thing that really struck me (and it took me a while to work out why) was the bare trees.

Not unusual in a typical snow-scape, but these bare tree trunks are gum trees and Eucalyptus trees don’t lose their leaves in Autumn.

I realised that these were the ghosts of the trees burnt by the Black Saturday bush fires that ripped through this area in 2009. The drive up through the windy, mountain roads showed us lots of what this area should have looked like… tall trees with dense canopies.


Thankfully, there are the normal signs of life moving on and regrowth climbing higher.


Anyway, all of that was totally lost on the kids, and they just enjoyed a fun day out with us and some of Mike’s family. And rest assured, we will be back!

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