Getting There Slowly…

Alex has a thing about the dentist. Hysterical is the word I used to describe his previous visits- read here!

So when our mid-year check rolled around, we didn’t bother making an appointment for Alex with our usual dentist. A friend of mine is a dental nurse at a different surgery, so we made an appointment there. We thought that might relax Alex a bit, having a familiar face in a stressful situation. The promise of a special toy if he stays calm was also a factor we were hoping would work.

The rest of the family had our appointments today. We kept telling Alex that he had to come along, but he wasn’t having his time today….until he decided he wanted his time today!

With scepticism in the backs of our minds, we told the receptionist that Alex might have a turn and if they would mind giving him a chance. They were happy to accommodate him, which is one of the reasons we keep going back to this particular surgery.

dentist chair

The bear hug was for comfort, not restraining!

He kept telling the dentist “You’re only counting my teeth!” (which was all the dentist was going to do anyway!), but he did sit on my knee and let the dentist near his face, which was a huge win!

alex dentist

He’s got 20 teeth…in case you wanted to know!

The photo evidence that Mike took is for use in 6 months time so that we can show Alex. “You’ve done it once, you can do it again!”



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