Pizza Party…

For Megan’s 6th birthday party, we decided not to have it at home, but instead go to ‘a place’. ‘A place’ that does all the cooking and cleaning and entertaining. It came at a price, but it was a price that this full-time working mum was prepared to pay!

The Birthday Girl, waiting for her guests to arrive!

The Birthday Girl, waiting for her guests to arrive!

After brainstorming all the possible ‘places’ that would suit Megan, our budget and what was available in our area, we decided on a pizza making party at our local La Porchetta pizza restaurant. The kids would cook their own pizza, eat it and be merry! And that’s exactly what happened.

They got to play with the pizza dough before creating their own culinary masterpieces…and then devoured them. Or at least, Alex did!

Megan’s birthday cake was also included in the party package so that was another win for me, no cake to create!! My very talented friend make an edible icing image to put on top to tie it into her theme.



Another lovely friend reminded me how important it is to get family photos at these events, which was great because we haven’t had a photo together for ages. And she’s a great photographer so I trusted us to not be blurry or missing the tops of our heads!!

Our ratbag family!

Our ratbag family!

Megan had a great time with her cousins and friends from school, and we walked away from the mess with full bellies, so it was a win all round!












2 thoughts on “Pizza Party…

  1. What a great idea!! We do not have anything like that around here–hopefully someone will bring it soon! Such a sweet Birthday girl!!

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