I mentioned a few weeks ago that Megan has received birthday invite after invite from her classmates. We had 5 on the fridge at one point and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

“What’s the problem?” you might ask. Well, frankly, I don’t want to go to the parties. I’m happy for Megan to have fun with her friends, but I don’t want to tag along.

The reason is twofold. My weekends are precious now that I work full time, and I really don’t want to waste hours of it making small talk. But mostly, I’m shy and hate having to meet new people. I have friends-I don’t need any more.

Some are great at introducing themselves to others. Not me. I’d prefer to sit in the corner for the 2hour party and not talk to anyone. Being a teacher at Megan’s school adds an extra level of awkwardness, as the parents seem to censor their school talk when I’m around.

But, since Megan will be moving through the year levels with these kids, we will no doubt be spending more and more time with these families. I’d better start to make some parent-friends now to make it easer in the years to come.

Wish me luck!!


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