A week ago, Megan discovered her first wobbly tooth. And for the whole week, this was the constant view we had of our daughter and her mouth!

Gross, huh?

Great view, huh?

The tooth was getting wobblier and looser each day and eventually it fell out at school. Megan’s teacher wrapped it up and even let her come over to my classroom during class time to share the exciting news!

That night we put it into her specially made Tooth Fairy Collection Box that has been sitting on a shelf for nearly 12months, waiting for the opportunity to be used. The tooth was so tiny! I’m glad we layered the box up with so many flowers, otherwise the poor little tooth would have just rolled around in there!

Can you see it in there?

Can you see it in there?

I figured that if I was the Tooth Fairy (which, of course, I’m not!) I would want to leave Megan a little note to say thankyou for the tooth. A quick search of Pinterest showed I wasn’t the first to think of this idea. In fact, with so many people paving the road ahead, I even managed to find some Tooth Fairy Letterhead! Ahh, the wonders of the internet!

Of course the Tooth Fairy has official stationery!

Of course the Tooth Fairy has official stationery!


So the Tooth Fairy took Megan’s tooth that night, and swapped it for her beautifully typed letter and a $2 coin.

A tiny letter and coin swapped for a tiny tooth.

A tiny letter and coin swapped for a tiny tooth.

I have heard some of my kids at school say they got $50 for their first tooth, but I’m really glad that the Tooth Fairy in our area has more moderate and realistic exchange rates! Megan was super excited with her $2 anyway, and got to spend it at the school canteen the next day (on junkfood which will make the other teeth fall out!). See the toothless grin that Megan has now 🙂

So the ‘teeth falling out’ stage has begun in our house, and of course Alex is jealous and wants to know when his teeth will fall out. The hype surrounding the lost tooth would be exciting, but I’m pretty sure he is just after the cash!

And now, I have to ask the other parents and Tooth Fairy employees out there…..what happens to the teeth now?





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