Weekly Photo Challenge: Autumn…

I was a little bit annoyed at this weeks’ Daily post weekly photo challenge. By setting the theme of ‘Spring’, it excluded half of the world’s population! Not fair!! I thought of taking a photo of a metal spring, but I didn’t have any nice enough to make the photo worthy.

So I’m going to assume that the Daily Post DO believe there are good photographers in the Southern Hemisphere, and adjusting the theme for us this week was an oversight. I’m going to assume that they MEANT to have Autumn in the brief as well, showing what Autumn means to us.

So, without further whinging, here is my submission for ‘Autumn’. I love this park in Gisborne. The colour variations in the trees is fabulous. I think, in another few weeks, the trees would be even more intense!


This park is right near a great Sunday craft market that, despite the cold weather, was full of stalls and people rugged up against the weather.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Autumn…

  1. I thought the same thing, although I’m in the thick of spring here in the southern US. I did feel a bit bad for the rest of the world!! Good for you for sticking up for your patch!!

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  3. You’ll have to snap some other photos when these trees are at their peak color and then save them for the “autumn” photo challenge. You’ll be ahead of the game. 😉

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