Anzac Day in Pictures…

Here is a collection of snapshots of our Anzac Day, from very early start, to bedtime.

Megan got right into the Anzac Day spirit and wanted to make a wreath for our visit to the Dawn Service, so we did this a few days ago.

We got up at 5am for the Dawn Service. The kids were really keen but Alex started to grizzle about halfway through, which is pretty normal for him! The turnout of people was fantastic once again, but I’d really like to go to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne for a dawn service one day.

Up at 5am meant tummies weren’t ready for breakfast, so we had the breakfast of champions after the service; scones, bacon and eggs, and hot chocolates to warm our freezing fingers!

Getting up at 5am also meant tired kids, so a nap was needed in the awesome-couch-bookcase-tent-cubby-house that Dad made! 20140425-121207.jpg   While Alex slept, Megan and I made bread for lunch, even sprinkling some Anzac Day rosemary on top of one loaf.

This was the only view we had of Mike all afternoon, as he sat in front of the TV for hours, watching his beloved Bombers try to tackle the Magpies (and lose) in the Anzac Day AFL match.20140425-161537.jpg While Mike falsely hoped his team would win, I decided to tackle a neglected part of the garden. The battle between myself and the tree stump was pretty evenly matched, with wins and losses on both sides!

What’s Anzac Day without making delicious Anzac biscuits. Some people like them crunchy, but I like them chewy!

Because Mike was so busy watching the footy, he forgot it was his turn to cook dinner, so it got postponed to tomorrow night and take-away was ordered. No complaints by anyone! Then movie night and a sleepover in the awesome-couch-bookcase-tent-cubby-house that Dad made topped off a pretty great public holiday in our house!

Read about our 2013 Anzac Day here.


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