Home Grown…

We are lucky to live on a reasonably sized suburban block. Our backyard has been changed and redesigned many times over the 9yrs we’ve lived here.

The space down the very back of the block was always going to be left as grass so the kids (and Mike) could have a sporting field to play on. However, thick clay soil and Australian Summers with water restrictions soon put an end to dreams of lush grass and the kids rarely played there. So what else could we use it for?

Vegetable gardens and a mini orchard, of course!

Our plan is to plant a few fruit trees behind the veggie garden beds and also have some espaliered along the fence, but the veggie patch was the priority at this stage.

We’ve tried vegetable gardens in many forms in the past, but we’ve never had the gardens big enough to produce any more than token amounts of food. So the free space and (hopefully enough) sunshine was inspiration for these rustic looking raised veggie beds.

Since our budget didn’t stretch to the $300 per bed kits we’d seen at Bunnings, we decided to scrounge and build our own. It’s taken a few months to get them done, as we have used spare, unwanted materials lying around various family members backyards.


We were also given a watering system as a wedding present (8yrs ago!!) but we’ve never been able to use it as we have dogs who like to chew plastic… Grrr ;( I’m hoping that the raised beds will be high enough to deter gnawing this time around!

Watering system in, just waiting to be hooked up

Watering system in, just waiting to be hooked up

We spent the day yesterday mixing horse poo into soil and filling up the garden beds. Needless to say the soil will be rich with nutrients and quite a bit of stinky pong too!

I think we’ve missed the boat to plant pumpkins for this year, but I think we’ll be ok for other winter crops. I can’t wait to see little green shoots popping up and then lots of fabulous vegetables that we can pick and eat from our own garden!














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