The Movie Hat…

With school (and Kinder) holidays here and dreary Melbourne weather restricting our ability to go outside, we’ve had many requests to watch a movie lately. To stop having to sit through the same movies again and again, hubby and I decided to introduce The Movie Hat.



Brought back from SeaWorld on Mike’s last school camp, I think it looks a bit “Dr Seuss”-ish!


Simply, we put the names of all the kids’ movies we have into the hat and pull one out at a time. Once we’ve seen the movie, it goes into a different container so we don’t pull it out again. End of repetitive movies, start of seeing different things!

Side note: it’s almost shameful just how many kids’ movies we’ve acquired over the past few years!


6 thoughts on “The Movie Hat…

    • Megan and Alex have different attention spans. Megan was about 3-3.5 Alex is only recently, so about 4yrs. But my niece and nephew are 6 & 8 and still can’t sit for the whole time.

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