The Battle…

A few days ago, I opened the pantry to grab out some cordial and there behind the bottles was a tiny mouse. I screamed like a little girl. Yes, I thought I was brave, but I guess not! It fell into a box at the bottom of the pantry and I called in for reinforcements.

As Mike pulled the box out, it escaped and ran under the fridge. He got out the broom and opened the laundry door, planing the exit route for the mouse. However, when it appeared again, it ran in the opposite direction towards the front door and a large gap in the door frame that had emerged over time.

Mouse: 1. Me: 0

Mike promptly set about fixing the door frame, sealing the rodent into the wall cavity.

threshold 2 colour

Mouse: 1. Me:1

I then had to clean out the pantry, wiping down all the shelves, tins and containers. Blgh!!

Mouse: 2. Me:1

I only found a few damaged items; a cake mix, a loose lollypop and packet of instant mash potato. My love of plasticware and containers seems to have thwarted it’s chance for a feast!

Mouse: 2. Me: 2

The other night I woke hearing noises. Immediately I knew where the noises were coming from and since our bedroom is right near the front door, I couldn’t sleep because of the sounds of the little blighter trying to find (or create) a way out.

Mouse: 3. Me: 2.

Of course, lying awake listening to a mouse destroy our house from the inside out wasn’t going to happen. But getting to it through the newly sealed door frame was difficult, especially at 4:30am. I tried spraying insect surface spray through the crack that’s left (hubby’s skills are good but not perfect…thankfully, this time) and that seemed to scare it off.

Mouse: 3. Me: 3

Until it came back last night. Surface spray again seemed to scare it off, but I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep it up. I keep imagining it burst through the wall amid a torrent of rodents reminiscent of a scene out of the Disney movie Ratatoille.

I’m also worried that’s it’s stuck in the wall space with no way out, meaning it will eventually die. I’ve worked in classrooms where this has happened before and the stench is horrible and there’s nothing that can be done other than wait for the carcass to decompose enough to stop smelling!! Sounds wonderful doesn’t it??

I wonder who will score the next point, and how? I’m secretly hoping for the mouse to escape and not use it’s last breath to win this battle!


7 thoughts on “The Battle…

  1. Brilliant story, takes me back. We had mice in a flat once, it was horrible trying to get rid of them. I thought I saw one here once, and I called the pest control people straight away, I didn’t want to go through it again. They handled it very well and it was never a problem. Good luck, I hope you win, but I hope the ending is different to the one you think you might get.

  2. Living in the fields we’ve recently had issues with mice too. We laid traps and ended up catching 5 of the little huggers between the kitchen downstairs and the wood storage room. We have changed our habits of leaving the recycling in open boxes before collection.
    But your right plastic tubs help a lot although they do still chew through that.

    I would the smell isn’t too bad. We had a rat issue whilst living in a city house in the UK. One died between our floor space. The amount of flies that were coming through the base boards and that stink was horrid! !!

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