Megan has loved the academic side of school so far. She happily brings out her reading folder, containing that day’s chosen book and her list of sight words to learn. The books at this early stage are very simple and repetitive and once she works out the first page (or I read it to her), she can manage the rest of the story easily.

The challenge for her has been in learning her list of words. The sight words are so called because they are the kinds of words she just needs to know by sight. Early letter/sound knowledge isn’t helpful with sight words like “the” “here” “like” or “come” because kids can’t sound them out. She has taken about a week to learn each set of words, but the ones that have given her trouble are “the” “like” and “this”. “This” has been the most difficult. After a session of practising the word; looking for it in books, playing bingo or memory, she seems like she has it. Then the next day, it has fallen right out of her head.



Stuck on the fridge to help Megan learn the word

We’ve now stuck it on the fridge hoping that seeing it every day will keep it firmly in her memory. We also read “The Very Itchy Bear” by Nick Bland which happened to have this on every page! Megan is so excited that she can read lots and lots of words in this book and it has inspired her to practise the word this even more!


One of my favourite picture story book Author/Illustrators!


Lots of Megan’s list words in this book

Hopefully she’ll get the hang of “this’ pretty soon so that she will be given a new list to learn, meaning there will be more words she can read in books and develop the love and independence of reading even more.


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