Getting Alex to eat his dinner is a fight most nights, but for reasons different to most kids. He happily eats his vegetables, salad or pasta, but almost gags on any form of meat we place in front of him.

So for a long time now we have wondered if Alex is going to be a vegetarian. (Strangely, though, he loves chicken nuggets…possibly an indication of the LACK of real chicken inside them!!) I honestly thought this would be a passing phase, but it’s lasted for months now.

I’ve considered becoming a vegetarian myself, due to my animal rights beliefs. I haven’t made that choice yet, but had always thought becoming vegetarian was just that…a choice.

Seeing Alex struggle to swallow chicken, lamb or beef prepared in almost any way has made me start to question that. Maybe he simply doesn’t like the flavour?

Any vegetarians out there that can shed some light on it all for me???


12 thoughts on “Vegetarian…?

  1. My son was like that since he started eating. I had to mince meat so he wouldn’t notice. Until now he does not enjoy meat as much as I do except chicken. But he loves soup or sauce from meat dishes. But unlike Alex, my Chico is very picky when it comes to vegetables. 😦

  2. That’s my nephew!!! He RTW struggles with meat too. Unfortunately his iron levels drop and he can get quite lethargic. My sister in law is thinking about a full vegetarian diet to try to get more iron in thru legumes.
    Miss Alyssa tho won’t eat any meat that’s not lean. Eg only eye fillet steak. Very frustrating (and expensive)

  3. I have been a vegetarian since I was 12 and I never liked the taste of meat my whole life except for chicken. Maybe that’s why it was so easy to give it up? My kids get protein from vegetarian chicken nuggets, vegetarian lunch meat, vegetarian hot dogs, vegetarian meatballs, lots of beans and chickpeas, peanut butter, tofu and various other sources. If he doesn’t like it I wouldn’t force him to eat it as long as he is getting all his nutritional needs met. Also, I think people worry too much. When I became a vegetarian it was not cool and there was no such thing as a veggie burger which meant during some of my prime growing years I had literally no protein in my diet. While I would not advise that, it didn’t really harm me so… Anyways, good luck, no matter what the reason, picky eaters drive me nuts! 🙂

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