Lunchbox Snacks…

At Kinder last year, Megan was only supposed to take fruit or veggies as snacks. Even though many others wavered from this seldom enforced rule, we stuck to it and on the very occasional request for something less healthy, we could respond with “It’s the kinder rules” and that was that.

This year at school, I tried to maintain the health of Megan’s lunchbox, but it’s been difficult. She started off well…taking cut up veggies and a small container of dip, whole piece of fruit or fruit slices. That kind of food still goes into her lunchbox, but it often gets left until last to be eaten.

The other day, Megan asked us to buy ‘string cheese’- the horrible plastic cheese tubes that can be pulled into strings. Blah! But I conceded that she asked for cheese rather than chocolate, so we looked at them at the supermarket. $5 for 5 cheeses. I DONT THINK SO! We managed to find some much cheaper at a discount supermarket and bought them, but made sure she knew they were a special, one off purchase.

I really hate the idea of this kind of gimmick food (see previous rant here!) If she wants cheese, I’m happy to cut up cheese off the block we already have in the fridge! The food in most kids’ lunch boxes are prepackaged, sugary or salty rubbish- quite possibly coz it’s easy to buy and store and guaranteed the kids will eat it. I prefer real, healthy, wholesome food but also don’t want my kids to succumb to lunchbox envy.

So I went searching. I surfed the net and skimmed Pinterest, but came up with very few, easy to prepare snacks to satisfy kids, that didn’t take hours of decorating or baking to achieve.

So now it’s you turn, bloggers and blog readers! Please tell me some easy, healthy, appetising snacks for kids school lunch boxes that don’t include pictures of Disney characters on the packaging or need a degree in interior design to achieve!


3 thoughts on “Lunchbox Snacks…

  1. I think cut up cheese tastes way better anyway! 😉
    We love cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese as a snack or light lunch (though we carefully choose the brand of bagel because some have high fructose corn syrup in them).

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