Flying By…

I’ve always thought the busier you are, the faster time goes by. This is certainly true for holidays-the event filled ones zoom by in a flash.

I didn’t realise (or forgot) that it’s also true for the work week. Now that I’m back to full time work, the weeks are just flying by. Suddenly it’s Friday afternoon and then Sunday night before I know it.

I used to get to Wednesday night when my part time work week was over, and the pace would slow down. We still did a few things Thursday and Friday, but the pace was slower and we eased into the weekend. Now it seems I hit the weekend like a wall I didn’t see coming!

Blogging has taken a bit back seat, which I suspected might happen. I’ve had to skip many blog posts and only read the titles that really catch my eye. I miss the interaction that reading other blogs brings.

I’ve also missed joining in with many photo challenges. I just don’t have the sane amount of time of plan and take photos, other than for Project 52.

Keeping up to date with friends has fallen away now that my weekly catchups are over and doing not much on Fridays was a great way to unwind into Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully the weekends so far have been quiet, but once they get busy too, the days will be speeding past.

I’ve enjoyed working Monday to Friday again, but it’ll take some time to get used to what I missing out on.

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