School Uniform…

It’s the start of the school year here and we’ve been inundated with back to school sales. Stationary, bags, lunch boxes, uniforms… everywhere you look.

We bought the necessary bits for Megan for her start to school, but I’m beginning to think that we didn’t stock up enough.

So seasoned parents, help me out!

Should I have bought her the school shorts she needs now and the next size up too? Same for pants and shoes?

I can visit the uniform shop at any time for dresses and polo shirts, but things like shorts, pants and shoes can be bought at department stores, and they don’t seem to stock that sort of thing apart from during the back to school sales.

Have I made a parenting/shopping blunder here???

Should I race and and buy more before the stores start packing up their school supplies?

2 thoughts on “School Uniform…

  1. Target stocks school stuff for most of the year… Just not much. Not that my kids are at school yet but I would stock up. I tend to buy some extra winter gear in the extra size every year cause it never seems to be there when I need it.

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